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Running Tips - Running With Your Dog

Many runners like to go out for their runs with their dogs. They make great companions for you out on your runs. There are even races for humans and their dogs that you can run. However, your dog needs to be trained just as human runners do. Here are some tips for getting your dog ready to be your training partner.First of all, don't run with a puppy. Your puppies' bones and joints are growing when they are young - just as humans do. So, you want your dogs to be mature enough when they start running so that they don't get injured. Smaller dogs can finish growing in 8 - 10 months, while longer breeds may take 16 - 18 months to mature.In addition, you don't want to run with your dog if he is too mature. You should not run with a dog that is 7 years or older. Remember dog years are more than human years.Start running with your dog easily. Just as humans need to ease into a running program - so does your dog. Your first runs with your dog should be slow and easy and then gradually increase your mileage. And, as y...


3 Ways to Start Losing Weight Today

Diets are annoying, because we all know they work, but getting them to work for us is always tough. There are so many different diets out there that the difficultly is in choosing one we can stick too. They all work, some better than others for different people, but sticking to a program is tough. And often afterwards people go back to their original eating and drinking and lack of exercise and pack the pounds back on. Most people with success losing weight through dieting do gain it back. It is possible however, with just a few small changes, to slowly start losing weight today. It's perhaps easier than an official diet, and results may be slowly, but they tend to stick. Small changes can lead to big results over the long term. And weight lost over the longer term is far less likely to return quickly if at all. It does require some discipline however even to stick to small changes. Here are 3 changes that can lead to weight loss starting today. 1) Watch what you drink. We all know that sodas full of sugar ...


Low Carb Diets for Beginners

You have heard a lot about various low carbohydrates diets and about the great results from these diets. Now you are considering going on such a diet. That's ok as long as you know how to start.The first thing to do is to gather some information about the low carb diets in general. There are many books on the subject and a lot of information in internet. The basic thing to remember is that low carb diets change your body metabolism to make it burn fats instead of carbohydrates. To achieve this you will not be consuming foods that are rich in carbs for specific amount of time and afterwards you will be only consuming foods that have really low carb levels.Of course you will think about the issue if the results are good. Low carb diets are known for their fabulous results that appear quite quickly. Moreover they will not make you suffer a lot because you will be eating most of the foods that you love. However it is important for you to know that low carb diets have one of the highest yo-yo effect levels among a...


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